Today, each artist must undertake to invent himself, a life-long act of
creation that constitutes the essential content of the artists work
The meaning of art in our time flows from this function of self-creation.
Art is the laboratory for making new men.

Harold Rosenberg



Painting was a gift given to Eric Nez at an early age.  His parents (an artist and a Yogini, both lovers of life) ensured that he had plenty of tools to express his innermost realms.  A devoted artist-mystic, Nez is both a visionary and a cultivator of the soul.  Tending the garden of personal transformation… offering to the sacred self: nurturing environments, wholesome nutrients, divine light, and love in order to grow the fruit of the spirit and share it with the Universe.

The Muses of yoga, plant medicines, alchemy, and magic lay their offerings at the feet of Nez.  His creative process is deeply influenced by transpersonal psychology and the spiritual sciences, as well as intergalactic experiences.  The spirits of the mystics all gather around Eric's studio to whisper in his ear and guide his hand as he paints.

The art of Eric Nez is both a stepping-stone and a chronicle of his evolution of consciousness.  Explorations of distinctly different worlds, powerful life experiences, and teachings from ascended masters… all of these find a home in the work of Nez.  His every painting is offered up to the universal collective as a catalyst for transformation.

Deeply influenced by the blissful, sacred experiences of life, Eric defines his work as the visual fruit of his own personal growth.  He considers himself a seeker- traversing many realms, translating and sharing the discoveries of his travels through the secret and ancient language of pictures.


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