True art is made noble and religious by the mind producing
it...the mind, the soul becomes ennobled by the endeavor
to create something perfect, for god is perfection, and
whoever strives after perfection is striving for something



  Adoration of light<br /> A visual prayer to start this series<br /> day1
Transend<br /> day2
Lady Illuminant<br /> day3
  Lucid Dream Traveling<br /> premonition of snow <br /> day4  
Celestial Parents<br /> day5
Incandesence<br /> day6
  At ease<br /> day7  
Sol<br /> day8
Lune<br /> day9
  Light contrasting Dark<br /> day10  
Flare<br /> day11
Island Reminiscence<br /> day12
  Break Through<br /> day13  
Chaotic<br /> day14
Lunar Sequence<br /> day15
  Totem Anima<br /> day16  
Luna Dance<br /> day17
Ancesrtal Tree<br /> day18
  Hibernation is in the air<br /> day19  
Eclipse<br /> day20
Light me up<br /> day21
  Meditation<br /> day22  
Illumination<br /> day23
Sun Salutation<br /> thanksgiving day<br /> day24
  Insight<br /> day25  
Golden Crop<br /> day26
Enlightenment<br /> The day I met David Heskin<br /> day27
  Learning to fly<br /> day28  
Fellow Illuminant<br /> day29
The Dawn After<br /> The final painting and day of show, which was the first meeting of David Heskin, Aloria Weaver and myself. Dreaming Co:nexus<br />  day 30

The Celestial Parents Sol~Luna exhibit

This show is a group of 30 paintings that were done over the course of 30 days. each day I would quietly sit and meditate on the currents of life and bring forth an image, relating to my mood and feelings at that time. Since the series was on a 30 day cycle I took the Father Sol Sun and Mother Luna Moon as my Muses for the work.The final work ends up being a visual diary of some of my hope, dreams, emotions, and challenges in my new seattle home for the month of November 2005.


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