True art is made noble and religious by the mind producing
it...the mind, the soul becomes ennobled by the endeavor
to create something perfect, for god is perfection, and
whoever strives after perfection is striving for something

  Papaver Somnifernum Bursting from Her Chrysalis to Dry Her Wings in the Sun  
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SOL & the Angelement Water
  The One Who Illuminates Night, Greeting You with the Soma of Infinite Reflection Upon the Completion of Your 108th Chandra Namaskar  
The Entire Pantheon of Gods and Goddess Greeting you upon your Completion of your 108th Surya Namaskar
Aim Your Divine Bow, Point Your Heart to the Heavenly
  Open Your Heart and Fly In  
Ohh brilliant Sun, Please bless us with your infinitely creative enengy
Ohh Luminous Moon, Please bless our conscsciousness with free wings
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Muses of Enlightenment explain Creation<br />Receptive & Nuturing
Muses of Enlightenment explain Creation<br />Support/Incubation
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 Echinacea Angustafolio:fire
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Explanation of Transendentalism given by Clouds
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