True art is made noble and religious by the mind producing
it...the mind, the soul becomes ennobled by the endeavor
to create something perfect, for god is perfection, and
whoever strives after perfection is striving for something



  Earthdance<br />California Earthdance festival 2006<br /> musicans: Sasha Rose w/friends till the suniise then a whole cast world musicians finishing with Scott Huckabee
The Great Elephant<br /> Seattle Wa 2007<br /> Musicians:Micheal Manahan and friends
Graced with a divine vision<br /> Inertia art movement 3 2007 Seattle wa<br /> An amazing collection of musicians, fashion, dancers and models made for a great evening and wonderful painting
  Greener conscious<br /> Shambala 2007 Kootney mountain range Canada<br /> another all nighter starting out with heavy weight dub live on stage. By the time morning fell on the river beach so many musicians had been on stage I lost count  
Seeing into the full spectrum<br /> Farmaid: Solar Inteligence 2007 California<br /> Sasha Rose w/ friends
She loves spring<br /> Oracle Gathering 2007 Orcas Island wa<br /> Michael manahan w/ friends over two days
  Marmalade Goddess<br /> Tost, Seattle wa 2007<br /> Painted with Marmalade funky improv jazz group  
The Secret of flowers<br /> Inertia Art Movement 2 2006 Seattle wa<br /> Live music ,fire performers right in the middle of the city
Celestial Mother with Child<br /> World musicians from pacific



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