Sunrise on the Mind
Art Spirit is a raging volcano.
She has no borders.
She has no bounds.
Your hair will catch fire,
and your mind will be reborn as a Phoenix of Creation.
Illuminating the vast horizons for all to see.
Surya Namaskar
The entire pantheon of Gods and Goddesses greeting you upon your completion of the 108th Surya Namaskar.
Chandra Namaskar
The one who illuminates night greeting you with the soma of infinite reflection upon your completion of the 108th Chandra Namaskar.
The Dark Garden Temptress
The difference between Medicine and Poison is Dose.
Papaver Somnifernumn
Bursting forth to dry her wings in the sun for the first time.
Forest Samadhi
The Yogi who spends their time in practice and solitude will soon be granted the presence of the most luminous of beings.
21st Century Family
Realizing we are all Stars.
Delicate Dreams Inward ...
Open your Heart
And fly right in.
Aim your Divine Bow
Point your heart to the Heavenly.
Oh Brilliant Sun,
Please bless us with your infinitely creative enengy.
Opening the Petals of Devotion
Aum Mani Padme Hum
Oh Lumunious Moon,
Please bless our consciousness with free wings.
The Interconnectional Space Linking all Beings
There is only one of us here
I see you.
Just one smell...
and your mind will be wiped clean
and left with only love.
SOL and the Angel:Element Water
The grace of water is always with you.
A Portrait of an
Infant Maple Tree
The creative gentle human returns as a tree to steward the earth.
Evolution of a new man
Earth's new champion. The seedling.
Echinacea Angustafolio:fire
The Healing fire of plant medicines.
The Unfolding Golden Mean
Fern unfolding into infinity.
It is a very special moment when life trials push us into a Deeper Experience.
Following the new moon bird
The celestial Chakra Goddess.
The Hidden Blessings from Trees
All plants are our brothers and sisters.
Alternative Medicine
Injury is one of our best teachers.
Two seedlings expressing
the sentiment of Love
Homage to Salvador Dali.
Cornicopia of infinite thought
Can you hear yourself through all your layers?
Soar to new colors in your dream.
When she becomes tree
Every star has a dewdrop
to share it's light with.
The Girl who Gives and Receives
The world
Self Absolution
to forgive oneself is the one of the most powerful things we can do.
Unlocking the code within.
Mind Fire
To be in complete stillness while the universe creates
Meditational Explorations
Reaching ever further inward and outward.
Forward Folding Prayer
May my hands be as mudra honoring the divine.
Muses of Enlightenment

Explain Creation
Foundation and Strength.
Muses of Enlightenment

Explain Creation
Receptive and Nuturing.
Muses of Enlightenment

Explain Creation
Support and Incubation.
Muses of Enlightenment

Explain Creation
Inspiration... The flash of Eureka.
Muses of Enlightenment

Explain Creation
Translation...Bringing forth the fruits of creative labor.
The Child Artist
Experiencing Divine Imagination
All children are great artists,what happens when we grow up?
Homage to the Parental Monument
Thank you farther for providing a safe place for my mother.
Thank you mother for loving my father.
In gratitude to you both for nurturing this seed...Me!
Explanation of
given by Clouds
In search for spirit
is there anything out there?
Puppeteer's Companion Creation