Creative progress and growth of a painting

Day one

Mind Mandala


I have already drawn several sketches of how I want my character to look.He is going to be a mirror of the standard human. Making it a situation that we all can invision ourselves in, adding to the transformative overture of the piece.

Painting a face without any distinguishing features poses quite a issue. My solution: to remove any hair to style, and any individual characteristics. Although, making him look average is still subject to my own personal thoughts


I am painting the two hemispheres in analogous colors. I start with the left analytical brain until I get my creative juices flowing. I plan on painting the two sides separately.

(The majority of humans are left brained verbal thinkers so the head will be slightly turned to show more of the left side.)


As I work with the colors of the left side I found I needed a bit of an anchor to visualize how the subject was going to shape up, so I added some of the right side.

Here I've started adding shadow to the left side over top a desaturated blue-gray underpainting.

Keeping track of taking photos while painting is a task I'm unfamiliar with while painting on the right side of the brain.


The majority of the face will be cast in shadow with light sources illuminating the two sides of the characters head.


I read a comment from an artist earlier today about the creative process "I love the process of watching my paintings transform into what they want to be. Its like a dream coming into focus." As I add on shadows the dream becomes more clear.


I felt very comfortable as I started adding shadows to the right side. Sort of like going on a journey and seeing good weather when you leave the house.


I decided to desaturate my left side a little more than I had started with.




So much for good weather.


Finding a color I was satisfied with took a few tries.


Finally I start to add my final shadow keeping with the mind prism idea, I mixed a black from equal parts of my own version of primary colors.


I am nearly done for the night, I have completed the head, and shined some light and shadow on his shoulders and body. Although I must add the ear before I end today. Talk about distinguishing features, a man with a missing ear. The great master artists of our past are always with us.


This is the painting at the end of the first day. I have six or seven hours spent here today between painting, pacing, dancing and, drawing (not including the making of this documentary). Usually after a creative work session. I like to sit quietly and look at how far we have come. Taking it a step further today with the documentation of the work has been quite engaging. First of all viewing the work through a captured vision of the camera gives it a more real ... manifested feel. Areas I'm unsatisfied with seem more easily seen, as well as areas I'm pleased with. Having the ability to see the work at different stages after I have finished painting during my own visual digestion phase brings back emotions I believe were unconscious during the time of painting.

This little experiment is only beginning and I already feel rewarded. I feel excited to start tomorrows paint session.


It is time to put this painting on the easel in the bedroom and take a nap. Few things are as rewarding as a restful nap after a good paint. I hope you can stop by tommorrow!


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