Creative progress and growth of a painting

Day two

Mind Mandala


On the beginning of the second day I am starting early, finishing up the characters body and starting on the background



The outline of the basic shape of the mandala is blocked in with a neutral gray. In my original vision the mind acted as a prism. To emphasize this concept I'm going to use only the three primary colors; cobalt blue, scarlet red, and cadmium yellow, plus white for the painting of the mandala. All secondary colors, tertiary colors, and tints, tones, and, shades will be made from these. I have already mixed a black using equal parts of all three.



First I make the main colors. From here I can use these as a guide to create more colors.




On the outside of the color energy panels I start adding the wheel of color that snakes around the border of the mandala, slowly shifting from energy to energy.






With that finished I turn my attention to the inner ring where I plan to use my primary colors again.



On the next inner ring I'm going to use a scale of black to white.




A lighter version of the specific chakra is added, as well as a darker section to each of the subtle blends on the perimeter of the mandala.



I'm not sure that I'm satisfied with with the primary color ring in the middle, but decide to hold my final judgment until all the colors are in place.



The color seems a little too intense here. I want them to be a touch more subtle until we get closer to the center.



After mixing up so many different hues and shades already today I am feeling lazy. I try taping off the area and giving it a light spray of white to take off the edge of the colors. Normally I know this is not the right way to do this, I need to mix up the colors separately, and repaint, but I try the shortcut anyway.



Yeah, that worked like a shortcut; quick, easy, and inaccurate. I think I will be going back tomorrow, and doing it right. Isn't there an old saying about the harder the journey the deeper the purification? I'm pleased with everything else. I must admit I was feeling a little faded on the inner ring, probably a sign I should of taken some time for myself. I often become a bit overzealous about a painting when everything is coming together, I don't want the creative flow to stop ....Confessions of a creative addict.


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