Creative progress and growth of a painting

Day three

Mind Mandala


I have decided to redo the color prism ring part of the mandala. I like the colors produced yesterday but they need to be applied correctly. Here I have mixed up a lighter shade of blue and already covered up the two sections on the right. Those on the left are how I left them last night.

I will have to do this with the red and yellow as well.


Here I've added the light blue and a lighter scarlet, which looks very pink at the moment. These colors have more color saturation then the shade I painted before. Yesterday I used a small portion of the analogous (opposite) color to dull it down.


The next inner ring is going to be white light. I start defining the shape with a light gray.

Later I have plans of shading all of these individual sections to look as if they were steps in an amphitheater you were looking down into.


The yellow of the prism ring and the white of the light ring are finished


The center will be a geometric flower with six petals reflecting the six chakras that help illuminate the seventh and highest chakra.


I have three of the petals painted. They are true tertiary colors; colors consisting of equal parts of primary and secondary colors. So it will be the blue energy along with the green energy making the aqua petal in the flower.
If you follow the direction of any one petal you will see a darker shade of the same color in the rainbow perimeter




The flower is finished ...But I still don't feel the prism ring.


I mixed up another batch of colors for the prism ring, this time more subtle and darker.

This is how I thought I wanted it to look,but now that I'm looking at it ...something's missing. Often when I paint something right on it has a familiar quality to it, like a friends face. This seems to be a little more elusive. Perhaps I need a new approach, Maybe I'm stuck on this because I'm trying to force it to be what I want and not what it is.Lets take a look at it after a night of sleep.


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