Creative progress and growth of a painting

Day four

Mind Mandala


I awoke with a new idea and, a fresh mind set. I'm letting go of the prism colors and trying something new. I first start by taping off the surrounding area so I can get messy.


The inside ring will now contain the purple, red and, orange energies while the outside ring will hold the blue, green and, yellow energies.

I realize this is quite a change from the original concept but it seems to fit in more with the interrelationships of the separate energies, This is the focus of the work ...not the primary colors!


I've done all the new colors except the orange and I'm already satisfied. This feels much more appropriate.


The color setup of the mandala is done, no more revisions. It is interesting how I recognize this as being correct and those before as being of a lesser value



The head is added through the mandala to give it a semi transparent look.


Earlier I wrote about the individual sections as steps in an amphitheater. As I paint them today I am thinking; layers like an onion. The shading is added slowly. I don't want to over do it and end up with an image that is too dark.






The background is darkened up to emphasize the main character and the mandala. I am going to add a few coats of satin finish to protect the work and give some space between that layer and the next. Everything is fitting together nicely, and I'm quite pleased with the way it shows itself. I'm going to clean my brushes early today and spend some time looking at the painting and letting it impress me.


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