Creative progress and growth of a painting

Day five

Mind Mandala


Today I plan on painting the universal mind ...or at least a geometric symbol of it. I have a sphere idea with floating discs circling around it. I am going to explore making it resemble an eye, something that leaves a feeling of knowledge.The look will be of a transparent glass bubble with strong light.


I have made a mask for my shapes and taped off the area.



The masking is removed to reveal the geometric symbol. The objects are a little too stark.


A soft halo is added along with some subtle lines that give it motion coming out of the center of the mandala.


I add a shadow to make it look like the symbol is floating off the painting. This also gives it a presence. I want the symbol to to have a dimensional otherworldly feel .


The finished work! All I need do now is give it a final smooth protective coat of varnish.

The power of creative manifestation.

This has been an awesome experiment. Having the resources to go back and look at the different stages has been a great help in my mental process of solidifying ideas. Also, as an artist, going over the subjects and feelings of the day helped me move forward on the painting without getting bogged down by the problems I had. Knowing how far I had already come gave me strength and confidence to continue.

I hope you have enjoyed this experiment as much as I have. Perhaps by shedding some light on my own creative path you can find your way a little easier. I encourage you the next time you have a creative endeavor to follow your own creative process. Thanks for following along.


    I would like to dedicate this work to my best friend Nicole. She has spent many snuggleless hours while I rant, rave, do handstands, juggle pens, talk to myself, and make art.