Inspiration is in seeing a part of the whole
with the part of the whole in you
Kahil Gibran



Spirit Animals
The spirit animal gallery is comprised of 44 animal drawings and paintings. the works were commissioned by Steven Farmer for his book Power Animals. The painted images were a second commission by Steven for a deck of divination cards based on the animals.The entire project was over two years in the making. It was a wonderful experience to be able to study such a variety of animals as an artist and to view them with the eyes of the shaman. Not only did I strengthen my own animal connection, but my connection to the entire world as well.

Having Steven's powerful and clear words as a foundation greatly assisted me in my study of these magnificent creatures. Collaborations with a writer and having Steven's verbal craft as muse for my own my visual language of the same subject was a deep learning experience that I still employ in my collaborations with artists today
I hope you enjoy the work of our animal brothers and sisters.


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